Weekend Poem: Any Prince to Any Princess by Adrian Henri

August is coming and the goose, I'm afraid, is getting fat. There have been no golden eggs for some months now.


Marginalia: Stories We Tell About Ourselves

Earlier this month, on This American Life on NPR, Ira Glass, the host, featured an economist's story of how he made it to Harvard with some pretty rough odds. Emir Kamenica's story was in Acts 2 and 3 of the Sep 6 episode and was told with the help of author, journalist and storyteller extraordinaire, … Continue reading Marginalia: Stories We Tell About Ourselves


Marginalia: Journals and Beginnings

Then, he pulled out the Anne Frank and held it towards me. "Have you read this?" he asked. I shook my head as I took the well-worn copy from him and opened it randomly. Even before I could finish reading a sentence to myself, he looked at my friend and said “Maybe your friend would like to borrow that?” and left as quietly as he had entered. Reading the book over the next couple of weeks, snatching time between classes, homework, and chores, I knew it was like nothing I had read before. The introduction had provided the context around Anne's life and fate, so the diary entries were all the more poignant for that. Here was a girl exactly my age, confined to a small space with a few people, unable to know if she was going to live at the end of it all, but writing her heart out because she had to. My adolescent mind identified with every single emotion, thought, and action of this girl who was of a different era, country, and culture.