tumblr-logoTumblr has a mixed reputation as a micro-blogging site. The major demographic is <30 years of age. However, a lot of great authors and bookish sites have Tumblr blogs. And, for people who don’t want the split-second pace of following Twitter for bookish news, Tumblr offers a simple, easy option with their dashboard feed.

Storyacious started out as a Tumblr before migrating to a full-fledged site. So, in honor of that birth, here are 30 fun and interesting ones that Storyacious follows and we welcome you to discover. Pick and browse through these at your leisure. If you like any, it’s easy enough to sign up for a free Tumblr account and “Follow” them. You can also “Like” posts to save them for future reference.

1) amandaonwriting – This is Amanda Patterson of Writers Write. She posts several times a day on all sorts of bookish things. Author birthdays, with their top 10 quotes, author news, pictures of home libraries, unique bookshops, literary swag, etc.

2) bookriot – The folks from Book Riot do a good job keeping their Tumblr presence fresh and interesting.

3) bookpickings – The Tumblr of BrainPickings by Maria Popova, who describes herself as “Interestingness hunter-gatherer obsessed with combinatorial creativity”.

4) books – Tumblr’s own

5) buttonpoetry – Performance poetry has never been so much fun. From the folks over at Button Poetry.

6) crumblingpages – A lovely Tumblr that posts images of stories from old newspapers. Many of these stories are like novels in themselves.

7) english2english – Started by TheGuardian. An interesting, funny blog on the differences between American English and British English. If you thought you knew all there is to know, you will be surprised.

8) explore-blog – Another one from Maria Popova: a collaboration between BrainPickings and Noodle.

9) flavorpill – The Tumblr for Flavorwire, where they post news, videos and photos from their readers, among other things.

10) fuckyeahvictorians – If you’re into Victorian-era literature, this is a great Tumblr. There are lots of amazing pics of Victorian people in all their regalia/fashion of the time, the odd advertisement, news or story item.

11) ladieslovescience – Exactly what the title says. The little-known stories about some of these scientific ladies are just amazing to read. Let’s hope they publish a book eventually – perfect for that budding science teen in your home.

12) literaryjukebox – Another one from Maria Popova (very prolific, isn’t she?). This one has a daily quote from a favorite book, thematically matched with a song.

13) millionsmillions – From the wonderful people over at The Millions.

14) modernist-pickup-lines – Now for something lighter. If you like your modernists, you might enjoy this irreverent take on them. We’ve avoided literary animal Tumblrs for this list (yes, they exist), so this is our only really rather pointless one for a bit of fun.

15) moth-stories – From The Moth. True stories told live.

16) NarrativeMag – From Narrative Magazine. New literature by celebrated authors and by the best new and emerging writers.

17) natgeofound – Pictures and videos and general awesomeness from 125 years of National Geographic.

18) neil-gaiman – One of the only contemporary authors on Tumblr. And, as with all his other social network outlets, he has the biggest following here too. The great thing is that he posts answers to reader questions and really engages with them. He must have a full-time social media coordinator or personal assistant – or at least 2 clones to keep up with his writing, touring and social networking.

19) nprbooks – As the title says.

20) nprfreshair – Additional content from the NPR radio show. They have a full-time person on staff dedicated to social media, who posts some fun and interesting stuff related to the latest shows (or not).

21) odditiesoflife – Strange and natural wonders from around the world in stunning pictures.

22) pbsthisdayinhistory – Exactly what the title says. A very interesting Tumblr showcasing world events that happened on this day with PBS videos, articles, photos, and interactive games.

23) radiolabreads – Not a frequently-updated Tumblr, this is a selection of books inspired by Radiolab podcasts. The books, like the podcasts, intersect science, philosophy and human experience.

24) recommendedreading – Electric Literature’s Tumblr. They publish 1 story/week, chosen by some terrific authors and editors. A lovely selection.

25) tedx – Updates from Tedx events around the world. Some amazing, inspiring stuff.

26) theatlantic – Tumblr of The Atlantic. Mostly, they post links to their current and most popular articles. But, occasionally, there’s something new and different.

27) thecommonmag – Tumblr of The Common, a literary print magazine. Here, they post new posts from their site, archives from previous issues, and related content from around the web.

28) the-final-sentence – Exactly what the title says. Final sentences from novels. Vast database built and a great index to browse through. Ideal inspiration if you’re a writer struggling with how to end a chapter or novel. Or just fun to read through.

29) theparisreview – The Paris Review has done a great job embracing Internet 2.0. Every now and then, they post an author interview from their vast, rich archives.

20) weirdthingsinbookshops – There are books now on this meme. The Tumblr is the next best thing. Another bit of fun.

And, a bonus:

31) word-stuck – Have you ever wondered about the right word to describe a mood, emotion, thought? This is where you want to go. So many beautiful words exist in other languages to describe exactly what you might be after that it will make you see English as a very poor language indeed.

And, if that has whetted your appetite for more, try this 3-parter list of literary tumblrs from The Millions, which, in part, inspired the favorites list above.

If you have favorite literary Tumblrs that you don’t see in this list, please share in the Comments section. Thank you.

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