Weekend Poem: When I Love You by Nizar Qabbani

If one had to sum up in 1-2 sentences, this poem is both about how a deep love captivates a lover's mind and senses fully and how the strength and power of such love gives it a lasting endurance despite repressive, destructive societies. It is also, like many other Qabbani poems, about the man-woman relationship and how language / words / grammar fail us when we're in love.

Weekend Poem: Conversion Figure by Mary Szybist

The scene to which Incarnadine continually returns—the Annunciation—has long been a site of ‘fine invention,’ especially in the hands of artists like Simone Martini and Sandro Botticelli; it portrays a human encountering something not human; it suggests that it is possible for us to perceive and communicate with something or someone not like us.

National Book Awards 2013: The Winners

A roundup and best links of the National Book Awards 2013 winners for fiction, non-fiction, poetry and young adult literature. Also, the winners of the Literarian Award and the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.