Doris Lessing (RIP): Author, Visionary, Free Spirit

Doris Lessing, a literary lioness, died on the 17th of November (yesterday) at age 94. Known for her strong, independent female characters, she was branded a feminist — a term she wasn't particularly fond of because it pigeonholed her as an author when she wrote about many other themes like racism, colonialism, independence, sex, etc. She wasn't perfect, having abandoned her marriage and children to pursue a free life, controversially speaking out about communism, 9/11, etc. But her fierce intelligence and her prolific authorial output won her many admirers among both her fellow writers and generations of readers.


Weekend Poem: Sunset by Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke starts with a visually-alive image of the Western sky slowly changing color. And, rather than describe the many, intense colors as some poets might have done, he simply begins with how the sky “reaches for clothes of new colors”.


Marginalia: Who Are Journals Written For?

Who are journals/diaries written for? Is there always an intended or hoped-for other readership? This question is still often asked, even as, in today’s world of ubiquitous personal blogs and incessant social media posts (which are, clearly, for other readers), the personal diary/journal continues to thrive.