Booknotes: Chandra: A Biography of S. Chandrasekhar

First published in 1990, this biography is a rather delicious collection of interwoven anecdotes that take us into the mind and life of a Nobel Prize-winning Indian-American scientist, Chandra (as he was known), spanning decades across India, England, and the US. Those who know anything of this unassuming, quiet, professorial man consider it most remarkable is that he did not win his Nobel till 50+ years after having made his stellar discoveries and practically at the end of his long teaching career. And, in 1999, NASA named their premier X-ray observatory after him.

Weekend Poem: Ordinary Life by Barbara Crooker

This was a day when nothing happened the children went off to school without a murmur, remembering their books, lunches, gloves. All morning, the baby and I built block stacks in the squares of light on the floor.


The Books We Read, The Lives We Lead (Bibliomemoirs, Part 3)

B. The Story-driven Bibliomemoir: This type includes a specific story that unfolds even as we learn about the author’s reading life. The story is usually set in a larger historical/cultural/social context – personal or collective - with a strong narrative structure. Story, for this purpose, is defined as a narrative with a beginning, middle, and an end.