Weekend Poem: Sestina of the Tramp-Royal by Rudyard Kipling

Speakin’ in general, I ’ave tried ’em all— The ’appy roads that take you o’er the world. Speakin’ in general, I ’ave found them good For such as cannot use one bed too long, But must get ’ence, the same as I ’ave done, An’ go observin’ matters till they die.

Weekend Poem: The War Works Hard by Dunya Mikhail

The war continues working, day and night. It inspires tyrants to deliver long speeches awards medals to generals and themes to poets it contributes to the industry of artificial limbs

Weekend Poem: ‘The Birds and the Bees’ Collection

We've been doing the 'Weekend Poem' feature for almost a year now, so rather than a new poem for this weekend, we're rounding up a small collection of the love-related poems. It is the season for the birds and the bees, after all. These are, however, not your run-of-the-mill poems on this much-hyped theme, as you'll see below.