Weekend Poem: The Travel Collection

Travel has been a popular theme among poets and writers. In fact, since medieval times, there have been records of wandering minstrels and poets who wrote extensively about their travels. Back then, such works were memorized, often set to music, and passed through entire communities and generations as the only ways to share experiences and stories as well as serve as guides for future travelers. Over time, even metaphorical travel has become an enduring theme.


Marginalia: On Revisionism for Ancient Traditions

Yesterday was the celebration of an Indian Hindu festival called "Raksha Bandhan". Like most Hindu festivals, it is based on the Lunar calendar, so the actual day in August varies each year. But, it happens during a Full Moon, which is considered auspicious. The main ceremony involves sisters tying decorated and colorful rakhis on their brothers' wrists -- actually, a lot more ornate than the ones shown in the image.