Yes, rather a bleak title. But this is how I have been seeing India lately. If you are a frequent or regular reader here, this will come as no surprise. The one silver lining is that social and media awareness about gender inequality and violence against women is at the highest it has ever been  in this country as well as across the world. So there’s that.

In the meantime, here’s a bunch of interesting links that make for very interesting reading indeed. I will keep adding to this set, so do keep checking back in. And do share your own links and thoughts.

The sad thing is that awful news about abuses of all kinds towards Indian women from all walks of life is covered on a daily basis by 24/7 media. And still, there is no real, sustainable sign of abatement. There are daily TV panel discussions (a lot of them being mostly all sound and fury and nothing else). Politicians give pithy statements in Parliament sessions or public speeches. Law enforcement continues to be the biggest farce ever. What will it take?

A Brief Guide to Gender in India

Why Barkha Dutt is Wrong About Women’s Safety

Working Women in Corporate India

Indian Women Will Never Be Equal

Random CCTV Spying on Women

What Happens When a Woman Stands Up for Herself

Women In India Aren’t Safe on Twitter Either

Women Entrepreneurs Get a Raw Deal in India

And, here are some of my own thoughts too:

Aamir Khan on India’s Women

Love and Arranged Marriage


Vogue Empower Videos

India’s Daughter


The Badaun Rapes

I will try to find some positive news from time to time too. We need both perspective and balance to avoid total depression.

UPDATE: And, here’s some positive stuff as promised:

Young Women From Rural India Who Are Refusing to Marry “Unsuitable Boys”

Bride Refuses to Marry Because of Prospective Father-in-law’s Misbehavior

Girls Rule In An Indian Village

Picking Education Over Marriage

Shweta Patil and Her Auto Components Business

Rene Sharanya Sharma, feminist rapper, says it all in her response to Indian rapper, Yo Yo Honey Singh:

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