The US Had One of the Best Weeks Ever

This past week has reinforced my belief in the power of politics to do both great good and great bad. As an Indian-American, the American part of me is rejoicing and the Indian part of me is moaning. On balance, though, the events of the past week have been uplifting. So, here's a quick roundup.

Published: So, You’re the Only Woman on the Panel (The Ladies Finger)

As pernicious as this problem is in Western and more-developed countries, it is a near-crisis in India. Whether at public events or on television/radio, women experts are rarely called on. And, if they do get a seat at the table, they are often interrupted, shouted down or belittled. Not that there aren't cases of women on panels exhibiting these same behaviors towards their co-panelists, of course. But, the issue is one of gross imbalance.


Comedian Trevor Noah on Colonization

This is an absolutely fun segment by Trevor Noah (he gets pretty close to the average Indian accent without sounding like Apu from 'The Simpsons'), heir to the always-amazing Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'. Sad to see Stewart go -- end of an era and all that. But, thrilled to see what Noah is going to bring to the show as it's bound to be a unique and different sensibility while keeping with Stewart's ethos, in a way -- as evident from this clip (and many others floating about the interwebs). Enjoy.