practice-warmup-gameonI’ve always been a fan of New Year resolutions. Yet, whenever I’ve made them, I’ve not been great about keeping them.

This year, I’m making some specific literary ones. Let’s see how that shapes up. Last year, I’d resolved to read and write short stories. I managed to do both, though not to the extent I’d wanted. So let’s see if I can get further ahead this year.

2015 was, it turns out, warm-up. 2016 will be, I hope, “game time”.


1. I’d like to aim for 40 books this year vs the 29 I completed last year. The best way to get better at writing is through reading, of course.

2. I read more women writers last year than I’ve ever done before in a single year. This year, I’d like to add more writers of color and translated works.

3. I will continue to focus on the books on my shelves rather than buying new ones. That said, I bought about 10-12 new books last year and will probably buy about that many again this year. Still, that’s a quarter of my usual annual book-buying ration.

Here are a couple of links for those who are interested in stepping up their reading goals:

2016 Reading Challenge

How to Read An Entire Book in a Day

How to Find Diverse Books


1. I wrote very few book reviews last year (compared to prior years, particularly when I was editing Storyacious literary magazine). So, this year, I’d like to write at least 1 book review a month.

2. It took 2-4 months to complete a short story last year. I’d like to complete 1 story a month this year.

3. One of the most difficult things about writing is that it is a solitary enterprise. Towards the end of 2015, I did join a couple of Facebook groups to connect with other writers. And, I attended one of the largest literary events — Jaipur Literary Festival. This year, I’d like to attend a smaller writer’s workshop or conference in person and expand my tribe.

So, that’s it. Simple, really, right? We’ll see. Being somewhat anal about goal-setting from my corporate days, I am breaking down these goals into SMART objectives and milestones in an offline journal. So, I will share more as the year goes on.

Have you made any specific reading/writing resolutions? Care to share?


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