Published: Plinko Watch (The Indian Quarterly)

Ah! There is the Lucky Dip booth with Miss Dinshaw. A pack of fathers has surrounded her. Everyone is attracted to Miss Dinshaw because she has glassy skin that shines as if she has a light inside her, and she speaks the Queen’s English so propah, like no one else Mira has ever heard. Fathers leave mothers gossiping and drinking their Gold Spots, Mangolas and Energees together at the drinks booth and take their daughters to her. One more Dip, beta, then papa has no more money, they warn, while staring at Miss Dinshaw, whose complexion darkens as her inner light wanes under the sweltering attention.

5 short stories

Top Five Short Story Reads from June 2016

Another month of short stories and there were plenty to pick from, including three award winners. For a bonus sixth, there is a story about--wait for it--the Trump family. As I had mentioned in the first of this series, these monthly selections will be, typically, a mix of classic and new. And, as my personal goal is to diversify my own reading in terms of genre, gender, culture, country, and so on, I hope to bring more wide-ranging choices forward each month. All of these stories are online and free to read. Enjoy.