2017: Reading and Writing Resolutions and Word of the Year

For some years now, an anti-new-year-resolutions stance has been growing popular. There are the usual arguments of how resolutions should not be made only once a year but as needed, or how resolutions simply box one into limited possibilities, or how it might be harder to course-correct if unforeseen things happen, and so on. Um. Sorry. Not buying it. We expect detailed annual business plans from the companies we work for or invest in. Why should we not make similar plans for our own lives? For me, a resolution is a hierarchy of goal -> milestone(s) - > task(s) - > habit(s). And resolution management is an ongoing process, not a one-time annual event.


2016: The Year In Reading and Writing

2016 has been the year of many cultural and socio-political shocks across the world. Those among us who belong to the "half-full glass" club seem to be questioning their own biases and finally speaking out in righteous outrage. And those in the "half-empty glass" club seem to be questioning other people's biases and trying to one-up their ever-simmering outrage. Either way, these are mind games we are playing with, ultimately, our own selves where we are near-paralyzed into seeing our worlds in near-apocalyptic terms.

Published: The Golden Amulet (Amazon’s Day One Literary Journal)

Of course, she could not imagine telling Girish now. Listening to him describing the meeting with Panditji to Nitin and Kathleen a couple nights ago, mentioning the miscarriages as if they had been routine business failures that simply needed better planning rather than magical protection, her secret had burrowed deeper. She was sure that if he found out, he would make a scene. There would be yelling in rapid-fire English, which she had never been able to match. Once, when she had tried, he had stopped in midstream and laughed at her accented, halting attempt until he could hardly breathe. Never again, she had promised herself, preferring to absorb the bullet-like words he hailed down on her when he had his stormy fits.