Published: Great Writers and What They’re Reading (Interview with Hofstra Windmill Online)

Earlier this month, one of my stories, 'Life Spring', and an essay, 'On Domestic Abuse and Saving Our Men', were both published by Hofstra's Windmill magazine, for which I am very grateful. Here's an interview they also published, which focuses on what I read, why I read, what I recommend to others, and so on.


Marginalia: The Decay of Lying — An Observation (essay)

This essay is from a collection titled 'Intentions'. It is a Socratic dialogue between two (fictional) characters, Vivian and Cyril. Of course, it is written in Wilde's trademark satiric style. As Wikipedia sums up rather nicely, it lays out four doctrines about art for art's sake and aesthetics as below. It is important to keep in mind that Wilde was also defending the romanticism movement in art rather than the realist or post-modern movements that were going on also at the time. Though I am more a realist myself, I think there is plenty of room, even today, for understanding some of these tenets -- particularly about how life imitates art more than art imitates life.

Published: On Domestic Abuse and Saving Our Men (Hofstra Windmill Online)

During my years of living and working in Silicon Valley, I met some first-generation Indian immigrant women who, despite their professional achievements, were struggling with their husbands’ anger issues, which ranged from public berating/humiliation to private beatings and more. The usual coping mechanisms for these women are to either make excuses for the men (high-stress jobs, alcohol, etc.) or to blame themselves for being somehow responsible. An Indian woman will rarely walk away from her marriage, especially if the husband is doing well professionally. Her own family is likely to view that as both her failure to hold her marriage together and her short-sightedness for her own financial wellbeing, immigrant status, etc. Additionally, as a society, we certainly do not make it easy for single women to thrive, especially if they also have to raise kids on their own.