I wrote this piece of satire earlier in September when we were all awestruck with the hurricanes in the US, the journalist killings in India, the genocides in Bangladesh, and more. And, of course, the daily presidential disasters.

It seems that the more outrageous our world becomes, the less we are capable of any sane response to it. Okay, maybe that’s just a small minority of us who need to resort to absurdist tropes and satire in our work to be able to carry on with it.

Anyway, this is an official layoff notice to the Patron Saint of Disasters, Saint Medard. You can read more about him here.

Thanks to Vestal Review for accepting this short piece for their Magic Mondays series.

Dear Saint Medard,

This letter serves as thirty (30) day notice that your employment has been terminated. After a detailed global disaster trends analysis, management has decided that your position, Patron Saint Against Disasters, will be eliminated. Both natural disasters and those in our lives have increased exponentially, and your June 8th Feast Day no longer provides the “40-day same-weather” guarantee, as in earlier centuries.

~ ‘Separation Notice’ in Vestal Review, October 2017

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