My review of Roxane Gay’s short story collection, Ayiti, is up at PopMatters.

There’s something subversively bullish about a debut short story collection that’s first published by a small indie press mostly unknown to the larger reading and publishing world and then, when the writer goes on to prove her chops in various genres, is re-published by a larger publishing house. Same book (with just a few changes), same writer. Which only goes to show how unreliable and short-sighted the many tastemakers and gatekeepers of the publishing industry can be.

The collection is Roxane Gay’s debut book-length work, Ayiti. Comprising of 15 short stories, including flash fiction and some essayistic pieces, it was released in 2011 by Artistically Declined Press and has been published afresh by Grove Atlantic this year with a couple of new stories. Since 2011, Gay has become a major name in the literary world with many articles and op-eds in leading venues, a novel, another short story collection, an essay collection, and a memoir.

Read the full review at PopMatters.

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