My review of A.M.Homes’ latest short story collection, ‘Days of Awe’, is up at PopMatters. These stories have her trademark darkly satirical takes on American consumerism and more. Also, they are a masterclass in dialogue and in listening to both what is said and, more importantly, what isn’t said.

I’ve also included her description of a short story versus a novel and how she demonstrates that in these stories too:

I always say a novel is like taking the train cross-country, because you have a lot of time to go from New York to Ohio to Pennsylvania, and you are going to go the northern route or southern route. In a short story, basically, the train has left and you get on in Chicago. It’s like something has already happened. I say to my students [at Princeton, where Homes is a lecturer], ‘Why have we been called here? What is it you need us to pay attention to? Why are we supposed to stop everything else we were doing and come be in your story now?’ So there is a compression.

Read the entire review at PopMatters.

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