5 short stories

Published: Short Stories: Parties (PopMatters)

This month's short stories column features parties. Stories by these five writers: Katherine Mansfield, Banaphool (tr. Arunava Sinha), Joshua Ferris, Nina McConigley, and Kirsten Valdez Quade. And the parties described — a summer garden party, an elaborate tea function, an intimate couples dinner, a themed pre-wedding get-together, and an annual blueberry celebration — are not only life-changing for the protagonists but they are also memorably unique for readers.

Published: Why India Needs a Professional Writers and Translators Organization (Scroll.in)

An article published in Scroll.in about the need for a professional association for Indian writers and translators -- along the lines of the Screenwriters' Association of India, the AWP and Poets & Writers in the US, and the Society of Authors in the UK.

Published: 20 Debut Works of Fiction by Women Over 40 (Literary Hub)

An antidote to all those annual lists lauding writers under 25 or 30. Women who come to writing later in life are doing so because they didn't have the privileges to do it sooner; they're doing it as a sheer act of will and radicalism; they're doing it because they have something important to be said. Here's a list of 20 women writers who got published at 40 or older. While not exhaustive, it shows clearly that women writers are not past their prime after a certain age. In fact, many are not even “late-bloomers”—they have simply deferred publishing due to family or career commitments. But the most striking aspect that unites all of these works is how each incorporates their collected, distilled wisdom, a lifetime of reading, and the sheer radicalism that could not have been possible for a younger writer.