If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know about one of my tweets that went viral at the end of September. It was the time when those usual annual lists of writers under 30 were making the rounds. All I tweeted was that I’d like to see lists of women writers over 40 because, you know, we’ve had to work hard to simply get the opportunity to write. We didn’t have the privileges to start getting published early because we were busy earning livelihoods or taking care of families.

Well, that tweet got thousands of responses. And the wonderful folks at Literary Hub reached out and asked me if I’d put a list together.

While not exhaustive, the list shows clearly that women writers are not past their prime after a certain age. In fact, many are not even “late-bloomers” — they have simply deferred publishing due to family or career commitments. But the most striking aspect that unites all of these works is how each incorporates their collected, distilled wisdom, a lifetime of reading, and the sheer radicalism that could not have been possible for a younger writer.

It’s arranged chronologically. So, yes, white women at the beginning because that’s reflective of the publishing world from that time. But we do get diverse voices as you get further down the list.

Read the whole piece at Literary Hub. It’s still getting shared around by a lot of folks on social media.

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