I’ve written elsewhere about being a debut writer at a later age. This personal essay is more about my own journey. I don’t do personal essays much, yet this is my second one this year. They’re certainly not easy to write because I’m a private person mostly. But, also, they require more skill too. It’s not simply a matter of just writing about things as they happened. As with a fictional short story, you still have to choose the relevant details to highlight, ensure a structure with a beginning and middle and end, and use language that is compelling enough. Substance and style; plot and prose.

It was gratifying to see that this one went viral on social media for a number of days. It resonated with women of all ages and even many men because of the later-life career transition theme.

A deep, heartfelt thanks to Sari Botton, the essays editor, who reached out to ask me to write this piece based on a tweet of mine. Not only that, she was a careful, insightful editor with my work. I couldn’t have found a better home for this one, truly.

Read the complete essay here at Longreads.

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