If you’ve been following this site long enough, you know how one of my annual rituals is to set a word as my theme for the year. I did this in my private journal for years, then shared with my private writing group for a while, and then began sharing publicly.

You can find previous years here: 2016 (Commitment), 2017 (Self-discipline), 2018 (Focus).

I’m not a religious person but I love how language and words can influence us deeply even when we’re not always aware of how they do so. Meditating on a theme throughout the year keeps me on track. It’s not exactly a prayer to some higher power as much as it is an anchor for me to stop me from drifting about or going off the deep end.

Why “trust”? To me, trust is the bedrock of all relationships. When all the shiny, gaudy colors of long-enduring relationships have worn off, trust is what remains like a clear, pure base and it keeps us together.

Trust isn’t just between people, though. There’s a kind of trust we need in ourselves. At some point in our lives, this trust in our own reliability, truth, and abilities might increase or decrease, depending on our life experiences. We don’t think about it so much or we might call it self-esteem or self-confidence. But both of those amount to a basic faith or belief in oneself. To me, that’s trust.

Trust is also often bestowed by us on things versus people. We wouldn’t be able to put one foot straight before the other to get out the door in the morning if we didn’t trust the weather to behave a certain way or our shoes to help us walk or our coffee to give us the jolt we need. All of these everyday things, when they satisfy our expectations or faith in them, live up to our trust in them. We would not be able to function in the world without a basic trust in our “things.”

So here are some thoughts about trust. The word will always mean different things to each of us. That’s fine. Take what works for you and leave the rest. Choose your own word. But never give up on the trust within. It is the one precious gift that makes so much in our lives possible.

I wish you a wonderful 2019 where all your personal and professional goals come true. And then some.

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