2019 year in writing jenny bhatt

2019: A Year in Writing

This has been, despite all my early planning, a year of not as much published writing as I would have liked (or even as much as in 2018.) That said, I had 11 pieces published during the year. Six of these were my monthly short stories column at PopMatters. The rest were book reviews at Scroll.in and PopMatters. I also wrote a couple of new short stories for my upcoming collection, Each of Us Killers, with 7.13 Books. There was another round of edits for my upcoming translation of Dhumketu's selected short stories, with HarperCollins India. There were a couple of fun panel discussions at the Jaipur Literary Festival. And a lovely interview about books and the reading life with ShethePeople.

2019: A Year in Reading

This has been a year involving several months of travel so my reading has not been at my usual rate or even per the plans I'd made at the end of 2018. Despite that, it has been a year of lovely literary discoveries and much learning. And, if you've been following along for a while, you'll know I don't set much store in having high book-reading counts. Defeats the purpose, don't you think? What I aim to do, with all my logging and counting, is to ensure I'm reading a good balance of genres and being inclusive and diverse with my book choices. Hence the charts at the end.