If you’ve been a follower or friend here for a while, you will know about the ‘Word of the Year’ practice, where I select a single word as the intention for the year and then write a few lines about it. An intention is the theme or mood or emotion that fuels all the goals and aspirations for the year. For 2020, we’re going with “Renewal.”

I’d been doing this intention-setting for over a decade in my private journals. In 2016, at the request of some friends, I began to share them on social media.

This year, in addition to sharing the word-of-the-year, I also used the month of December 2019 to share 30 reflections on the many meanings of the word and how we might internalize it. I did this using 30 particular quotes from favorite women writers as prompts.

Some friends asked if I could combine all 30 posts into a PDF for easy reference. Below, you will find a link for that PDF. There is no cost, no catch, no email/signup. I’m sharing it from my Google Drive so you do need a Google account to download it. I don’t get to see any IDs or emails. The bitly link is simply to shorten the Google Drive URL and, again, it does not capture any of your information. Please feel free to pass the PDF on to any friend/family who might find it useful.

This was a fun project to do as I got to riff on some terrific lines from some of my favorite women writers. Thanks to all who played along with me.

Until next year, then.

Renewal PDF Link: http://bit.ly/2020wordoftheyear-renewal

A few words on “Renewal”:

2020 word of the year renewal

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