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Hi, there. I’m Jenny Bhatt — a global nomad of Indian origin. Having lived and worked my way around India, England, Germany, Scotland and various parts of the US, I now split my time between Atlanta, Georgia in the US and Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India.

Indiatopia began as an attempt to reclaim and reframe, for myself, the India where I was born, spent my formative years, and which will always be a part of my evolving diasporic identity, even as I continue moving across countries and continents and assimilating various other cultures. Easier said than done because India is a complex, frustrating, surprising, evolving, intriguing, unique, ambiguous and richly-nuanced experience. It is hard, for even those who’ve lived in India all their lives, to sustain a balanced perspective and develop a clear viewpoint about this country — one that stands apart from the widening echo chamber of social media, the clickbait content of most mainstream media and the biased, propaganda-like reports from various other media.

So, what this space has been developing into is a scrapbook of my own version of Indiatopia, one that is more about a personal mindset rather than about being tied to a physical place or time. From time to time, it will also include stuff that isn’t specifically and directly about India. But, everything that I read, think about, look at, or listen to is, eventually, part of my personal Indiatopia, right? It’s all filtered through my particular Indiatopian mindset.

For more, see the ‘Introduction‘ and this ‘Recalibration‘.

So, welcome. Stay awhile. Share your own Indiatopian story. Start a conversation.

Author Bio

Jenny Bhatt’s Pushcart-nominated writing has appeared or is upcoming in, among others: Amazon’s Day One Literary Journal, Gravel Magazine, Lunch Ticket, Eleven Eleven Journal, The Indian Quarterly, York Literary Review, The Nottingham Review, Litro UK, NonBinary Review, Femina India, The Ladies Finger, LitBreak, and an anthology, ‘Sulekha Select: The Indian Experience in a Connected World.’ Having lived and worked her way around India, England, Germany, Scotland, and various parts of the US, she now splits her time between Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She is currently working on her first short story collection. Find her at:

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    1. Hmm. I only know 1 Peter Thompson but not sure if you’re the same — from Parker Hannifin in the UK? Hiya. Thanks for stopping by. Feels like another lifetime now — PDE and Cannock. 🙂 Hope all is well.


    1. Thanks, Denise. I went to your blog and looked at the Awards page to understand what this entails (as it’s my first such nomination ever). But, a bit unclear. What should I be doing next with this? Thanks again. I do appreciate you stopping by long enough and being thoughtful enough to do such a kind thing. 🙂

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