The US Had One of the Best Weeks Ever

This past week has reinforced my belief in the power of politics to do both great good and great bad. As an Indian-American, the American part of me is rejoicing and the Indian part of me is moaning. On balance, though, the events of the past week have been uplifting. So, here's a quick roundup.


That Was 2014

For those of you who have been following my 2014 journey, you know that a lot has happened on the personal front. Sometimes, to begin afresh, you have to go back to where it all started. That's what 2014 has been about for me, I suppose.

Lou Reed (RIP): Musician, Poet, Storyteller

Yesterday, at age 71, Lou Reed, a grand maestro of rock music and frontman of The Velvet Underground, died of liver failure. All media outlets were buzzing with the news and there are several interesting links collected below. As he evolved from a troubled youth to a drug-addicted poet of dark themes to a meditative thinker and lyrical raconteur, his solo work, post-The Velvet Underground, became even more important and continued to inspire many musicians to from their own bands and authors to write novels.