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Top Five Short Story Reads from October 2016

For me, the best "horror" story fits this description by Neil Gaiman: "I like horror, but I tend to like it as seasoning. I'd get very bored if I was told I had to write a horror novel. I'd love to write a novel with horror elements, but, too much, and it doesn't taste of anything else." So, here are some terrific horror short stories by Usman Malik, Alyssa Wong, Ruskin Bond, Kelly Link, and Stephen King.


2015: A Year of TV, Film, Radio

I'm still working on wrapping up my favorite stories of 2015. This post focuses on stories from TV, film, radio. With television, I didn't watch as much as I have done in past years. Though, going by all the many end-of-year lists by various media outlets, there was just an absolute glut of wonderful new shows. … Continue reading 2015: A Year of TV, Film, Radio

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Incarnations: India in 50 Lives

At the risk of making a general statement, I believe that part of the Indian psyche has always been to glorify/romanticize our past, belittle our present, and fatalize our future. Whether we're doing this in the context of the country at large or in our own day-to-day lives, this cultural trait is embedded in our DNA, it seems, from the day we're born. So, whenever I come upon anything in popular media with hooks like, say, "Remarkable individuals who shaped India, and sometimes the world", I sit back and think: "Yeah, right.".