Marginalia: Journal Prompts (June)

"Words are things," Dr Maya Angelou said once. She believed in the power of words as more than mere communication. Whether you're a reader or a writer or neither of those, language is an everyday tool that no one can do without. Those who have speech disabilities also need and use a language. We know from anthropologists that several primate and bird species also have their own languages for communication. But we do take language entirely for granted, don't we? This month, let's take a look at the words, phrases, cliches, metaphors, etc., that interest us, drive us, and make us think and feel. You can write to each daily prompt in your private journal, on your blog, or even in the comments below.


Marginalia: Journal Prompts (May)

This month's journal prompts theme is "productivity." This, of course, means different things to all of us. For some, it is about achieving plans and goals. For others, it is about doing things that align with their values and ethics. One thing almost everyone will agree is that it is never about getting "a lot of stuff" done. Rather, when activities are driven by some kind of purpose and focus, those accomplishments feel like time that has been well-spent, time that has been productive.

international women's day 2015

International Women’s Day 2018: #PressforProgress

As regulars here will know, since 2015, I have used this day to highlight one woman who has been inspiring to me and others. Like many other women, I also had to get past my annoyance with the Hallmark-ey and consumerist mindsets that this day has generally proliferated. What I decided, though, is that women, overall, have had to struggle a lot to get here — from voting rights to patriarchal societal rules to sexism and misogyny, and a lot more. So if we take one day a year just to celebrate how far we have come and how much further we intend to go, that's definitely worthwhile. Beware of settling for the awful social media forwards/shares that celebrate women for doing so well per patriarchal norms and expectations. These faux feminism stances do a whole lot more to harm than bolster the position of women in our cultures.