2015: A Year of Reading and Writing (Part 1)

In the past couple of years, at the end of each year, I've taken some time to look at the best things I've read and written through that year and how/if any of it has changed me as a person, reader, and writer. Inevitably, interesting patterns emerge in this kind of retrospective analysis. Just as … Continue reading 2015: A Year of Reading and Writing (Part 1)

Published: So, You’re the Only Woman on the Panel (The Ladies Finger)

As pernicious as this problem is in Western and more-developed countries, it is a near-crisis in India. Whether at public events or on television/radio, women experts are rarely called on. And, if they do get a seat at the table, they are often interrupted, shouted down or belittled. Not that there aren't cases of women on panels exhibiting these same behaviors towards their co-panelists, of course. But, the issue is one of gross imbalance.

Booknotes: How Will You Measure Your Life?

[Note: I read this book in September 2013 and it remains one of my all-time favorites.] Clayton Christensen is known to many through his bestselling business classic: 'The Innovator’s Dilemma'. As a long-time Harvard Business School Professor, he is well-respected in business circles globally for bringing valuable perspectives to business growth and evolution theories and practices - particularly disruption and innovation. After the many bestselling business books and articles that Christensen has written throughout his career, this particular book, 'How Will You Measure Your Life', was somewhat of a departure from his usual oeuvre. The genesis is a series of conversations that Christensen had with his final year Harvard business students about how they would start and go on with their personal and professional lives.