2015: A Year of Reading and Writing (Part 1)

In the past couple of years, at the end of each year, I've taken some time to look at the best things I've read and written through that year and how/if any of it has changed me as a person, reader, and writer. Inevitably, interesting patterns emerge in this kind of retrospective analysis. Just as … Continue reading 2015: A Year of Reading and Writing (Part 1)


On Celebrating Independence Day

A couple of days ago, India celebrated 69 years of Independence from the British. As usual, there were the many articles in print and online about what Independence really means. And, there were various articles on how best to celebrate such Independence. The Prime Minister gave his 2nd Independence Day Red Fort speech in Delhi -- less rousing than last year's and mostly a litany of his government's many goals, initiatives and aspirations. These days, when he deigns to speak to the public, he's still in campaign mode.

tharoor oxford debate

On British Reparations

Recently, Shashi Tharoor, an Indian politician, writer and former United Nations official, made a wonderful speech during an Oxford University debate. His subject was the damage done by the British colonialists to India during their 200-year tenure and how reparations are due. This speech went viral with many Indian and British publications adding to the debate with different viewpoints ranging from praise for his rhetorical skills and persuasive arguments to attacking the facts as he had presented them.