arranged marriage

Love and Arranged Marriage

This recent article about how India's arranged marriage scene is changing brings to light a relatively new development: the marriage detective. Apparently, people fake details on their marriage profiles and these detectives dig deep to "out" any omissions and/or misrepresentations. Fascinating stuff.


Marginalia: Listening to Color

The condition is known as achromatopsia, where Harbisson's entire world was just black and white. Till he got an eyeborg permanently attached to his body. Brave man. Now, he can identify colors by their musical tones, even discerning them beyond normal visual range. It wasn't an easy road either, given how he had to learn all the various sounds, associate them with the appropriate colors and manage people's responses and reactions to him as he went about his daily world.

Marginalia: A Wishlist for Digital Magazine Distribution Services

Since about 2008, the subscription rate for print magazines has been declining exponentially. No one - whether publishing industry insider or consumer - is in any doubt that digital is the future of magazine publishing, for better or for worse. Nor is there too much debate that quality content must be paywalled because creating it takes … Continue reading Marginalia: A Wishlist for Digital Magazine Distribution Services