Marginalia: Journal Prompts (August)

As the physical environment around us changes, so do our moods and thoughts. We cannot help but pause to take notice, no matter how briefly. Let's use this month's prompts to think about the four seasons and the weather in general. Most of the questions ask for descriptions. Make sure to use all your senses and imagination as you do so. The goal is to freewrite as much as you can so you can unearth some gems to then polish further into more definite works as you choose.


Marginalia: Journal Prompts (July)

For July, let's focus on the theme of travel. Not only is it the time of year when many do take their vacation breaks, but this is also a vast topic to explore even when sitting at home with nowhere to go.


Marginalia: Journal Prompts (June)

"Words are things," Dr Maya Angelou said once. She believed in the power of words as more than mere communication. Whether you're a reader or a writer or neither of those, language is an everyday tool that no one can do without. Those who have speech disabilities also need and use a language. We know from anthropologists that several primate and bird species also have their own languages for communication. But we do take language entirely for granted, don't we? This month, let's take a look at the words, phrases, cliches, metaphors, etc., that interest us, drive us, and make us think and feel. You can write to each daily prompt in your private journal, on your blog, or even in the comments below.