Marginalia: Journal Prompts (March)

If you have been following along with this monthly series, you may have journaled to the lists of prompts in January and February. If not, no worries. Each month is a discrete list so you can join in at any time. Here is a list of prompts for March: all related to the place of technology in our lives. Also, a couple of lovely essays from Barbara Ehrenreich (on journaling) and Zadie Smith (on technology — specifically, social media.) If you would like to discuss any of these technology-related questions, feel free to share in the comments below or use the Contact link to send a private message.


Marginalia: Jaipur Literary Festival 2018

[For those who may not know: Jaipur Literary Festival (JLF) is a five-day annual event in India and known to be the largest of its kind. This year was their 11th edition.] Over the last two decades or so, every few years, I have been hauling myself to a literary festival in some part of the world or other. Mostly, it is because I believe that the coming together of writers and scholars to discuss, debate, debunk, or define the complex issues of our times, even when such matters are not necessarily chronologically taking place in the here and now, is crucial. And there are very few other venues left in our societies for such dialogue. In the end, whether it enlightens or confuses, such dialogue almost always widens our perspectives beyond our individual cognitive biases and cultural values. I find this to be a vital aspect of my personal development as both a reader and a writer.


Marginalia: Journal Prompts (February)

So how did you get on with the January journal prompts? They were a sort of warmup, particularly for those who are not quite into journaling yet but want to find their way to a regular practice. I've written earlier about some of the reasons people like to maintain a journaling practice. I want to add two more specific reasons of my own. [. . .] Let's not do the obvious thing with making all the prompts related to romantic love this month. Instead, let's look at how we approach/manage relationships in general.