Marginalia: Journal Prompts (October)

Ack. Another month has flown by already. And we have three months left now to give any annual plans or desires that final push. Given that, why don't we make our monthly journaling theme time-related? Let's make it specific to age. Below are some questions to get you going. Take them in any order. Skip some, repeat others -- as you wish. The goal is to use them as simply a jumping-off point. Your aim should be launch into at least a one-pager with each. Digress if you must. Enjoy.


Marginalia: Journal Prompts (September)

September's journaling theme is "memories." The memory faculty is one of our most important ones because the information we store away and retrieve from time to time influences our present behaviors and future actions. Memory helps us with all our relationships, learning, personal identity, and more. We have both short-term and long-term memory and they function differently. Working memory — where we manipulate and process stored information — is separate and useful in fields like cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and neuroscience.


Marginalia: Journal Prompts (August)

As the physical environment around us changes, so do our moods and thoughts. We cannot help but pause to take notice, no matter how briefly. Let's use this month's prompts to think about the four seasons and the weather in general. Most of the questions ask for descriptions. Make sure to use all your senses and imagination as you do so. The goal is to freewrite as much as you can so you can unearth some gems to then polish further into more definite works as you choose.