Play Review: Drawing the Line

Playwright Howard Brenton: The play has big themes: the end of the British Empire, the birth of India and Pakistan and the terrible human consequences of the creation of the border between them. But it also celebrates the humanity and brilliance of the leaders of the different communities and their visions for a better future.


Movie Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012)

When The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid came out in 2007 as a slim novel, it was labeled as the first post 9/11 literary work from the point of view of the Islamic radical or fundamentalist and, as Hamid's second novel, it had broken all the records of his first. The book's opening lines introduced a Pakistani narrator, Changez. Getting into the long monologue, his distant, formal language and tone, along with his slightly-concealed fury, added an edginess and yes, a creepiness. There was also a maddening ambiguity in his musings where you never quite grasped whether he was pro or anti-America, pro or anti-Islam, what he was reluctant about. And, if he was truly a fundamentalist (based on the commonly-accepted post-9/11 definition), which particular principles he was most adhering to.