Booknotes: Favorite Writing How-to Books Part 6

Last month, I shared three free writing how-to resources in the form of podcasts. This month, let's look at more free online resources — in the form of online blogs/websites. While there are way too many blogs and websites out there related to almost every aspect of writing beyond just craft, I am listing below only those related to craft and only those which, over the years have been my frequent go-to sites. This is not to say I have not found other many useful ones through google searches or recommendations from other writer friends. But, well, sometimes, you get hooked on a particular kind of advice delivered in a particular kind of way, right?

Weekend Poem: The War Collection

Recently, some very disturbing news has been flashing across our various screens about happenings in Gaza. We watch and listen and read, our minds not fully processing what's actually happening, even though there is no shortage of "expert analysis" from every possible corner. Here are three poems from our Weekend Poem archives that describe war in very personal and impactful ways.


Marginalia: Gender Balance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Earlier this year, a friend forwarded this rather good article from Bitch magazine. It makes a lot of excellent points about the true impact of movies that glorify the "greed, amoral excess, and misogyny" of Wall Street excesses with the degree of realism and authenticity that Scorcese, DiCaprio and Team have done. I was nodding all the way through till this last bit about how the movie could have stayed true but less gender-biased: