Published: On Roxane Gay’s Republished Short Stories ‘Ayiti’ (PopMatters)

My review of Roxane Gay's short story collection, Ayiti, is up at PopMatters. There's something subversively bullish about a debut short story collection that's first published by a small indie press mostly unknown to the larger reading and publishing world and then, when the writer goes on to prove her chops in various genres, is re-published by a larger publishing house. Same book (with just a few changes), same writer. Which only goes to show how unreliable and short-sighted the many tastemakers and gatekeepers of the publishing industry can be.


Published: Nowhere Is a Place in Tatyana Tolstaya’s ‘Aetherial Worlds’ (PopMatters)

My review of Tatyana Tolstaya's striking new short story collection, Aetherial Worlds, out earlier this year, is up at PopMatters. Tolstaya is a leading Russian writer with a well-known literary ancestry. The book has been wonderfully translated by Anya Migdal. This is a striking collection because of how the stories merge past and present with fantasy through auto-fiction, essays, and allegorical tales.

5 short stories

Published: Short Stories: Refugees (PopMatters)

My July column of short stories is up at PopMatters. This month's theme is 'refugees'. Each of these stories (all free to read online) shows a different side to the life of a refugee: despair and heartbreak, but also joy and love. Stories by these award-winning writers: Viet Thanh Nguyen, Guadalupe Nettel, Bernard Malamud, Choi Jin-young, and Mohsin Hamid. As usual, I also point out a couple of writerly things about each story from a craft perspective.