Music Review: Gymnopédies by Erik Satie

[Buy: iTunes, Amazon] There are some pieces of classical music that, when you listen to them, feel as if every nerve, muscle, tissue in your body is gently unfurling under soft waves of cool, flowing water. If you ever need one of those slow-yourself-down moments and, say, those cleansing breaths from yoga class aren’t doing … Continue reading Music Review: Gymnopédies by Erik Satie

Music Review: Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell

Some singer-songwriters are innate storytellers. Their songs encompass the sum total of their experiences and the world they live in. This is why, even though such a song may simply be a few moments of personal reflection, it is so much more than an act of introspection or a historical time capsule. And, beyond the emerging science of song and power of music, its timelessness and universality are both due to how the singer-songwriter conveys those few moments of reflection through his / her song performance — so that it is fresh each time and evokes some of those very moments in real-time the listeners. In this sense, Joni Mitchell has always been in a class of her own.

Music Review: Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

This song, Cloudbusting, is about an Austrian psychologist, philosopher, and scientist, Wilhelm Reich, played by the very handsome Donald Sutherland and his rich, golden mane. The son, Peter Reich, was played by Bush in a rather unfortunate wig. It was inspired by the son’s memoir, A Book of Dreams. Look closely, and you’ll see Bush shyly pulling out the book from Sutherland’s pocket at one point.