Published: Separation Notice (Vestal Review)

I wrote this piece of satire earlier in September when we were all awestruck with the hurricanes in the US, the journalist killings in India, the genocides in Bangladesh, and more. And, of course, the daily presidential disasters. It seems that the more outrageous our world becomes, the less we are capable of any sane response to it. Okay, maybe that’s just a small minority of us who need to resort to absurdist tropes and satire in our work to be able to carry on with it. Anyway, this is an official layoff notice to the Patron Saint of Disasters, Saint Medard. You can read more about him here. Continue reading Published: Separation Notice (Vestal Review)


A Nomination for the Best of the Net Anthology

Last year, a short story of mine, The Waiting, was published at Lunch Ticket, the magazine run by Antioch University’s MFA students and alumni. I am so honored and humbled that the Lunch Ticket Team has nominated the story for this particular award because I have been following it for years to discover some amazing short stories published by online literary magazines. Hosted by Sundress Publications, the award has always had such a diverse roster of finalists. Continue reading A Nomination for the Best of the Net Anthology

Published: Life Spring (Hofstra’s Windmill Magazine)

With this story, I wanted to show an Indian woman who walks away from an abusive marriage, despite the shame and blame, and finds her own place. Heena leaves her techie husband and troubled life in Silicon Valley to return to India and start again. She has to come to terms with her family abandoning her and the neighbors questioning her morality. She has to take her own power back from the world, making no excuses for who she is or wants to be. The narrative focuses on her life after the marriage because such an existence is hard to even imagine for those in abusive situations — for good reason, of course. I confess it would have been more challenging if I had included kids or legal aspects, which are inescapable realities for many and my story covers only the start of such a difficult solo journey. Continue reading Published: Life Spring (Hofstra’s Windmill Magazine)

Published: Her Solitary Domain (Five:2:One Magazine)

Messages had been sidewinding their way to her till she could no longer ignore them. The old hill-bound boarding school was shutting down because of “an epidemic of snakes.” Local Hindu authorities, believing it was ancient Naga ground, would not allow any killing. They had proposed buying the premises for loose change to develop a temple complex. The longstanding Board of Trustees, which had replaced the school’s colonial British owners a few years after Independence, had accepted with the relief of a prisoner escaping a harsh sentence. Continue reading Published: Her Solitary Domain (Five:2:One Magazine)

Published: Lili’s Song (Hot Metal Bridge)

Hot Metal Bridge is the literary journal of the MFA Program at the University of Pittsburgh. They have published work by Sherman Alexie, Sherrie Flick, Dan Chaon, Ewa Chrusciel, and Rodrigo Toscano, and more. I am thrilled they accepted ‘Lili’s Song’ for their 21st issue. As the outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Josh Graber, said in his Letter, “21 feels auspicious, like we’ve reached the drinking age in lit mag years and should pop champagne and get a little crazy.” Lilima, an Indian-American teenager, is taking a two-week India vacation with her parents during the summer of 2016, before Junior Year. This story is set during the first day of their road trip from Mumbai to Goa.
Continue reading Published: Lili’s Song (Hot Metal Bridge)