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Publication in September 2020 by 7.13 Books

each of us killers


“Jenny Bhatt’s gorgeous stories in Each of Us Killers remind me why I love to read a good book. It is such a pleasure to be immersed in the worlds of her characters, in their hunger for love or money, and in their local and global struggles to live. With mouth-watering detail, Bhatt serves up a rich and varied feast.”

~Devi S. Laskar, Author of The Atlas of Reds and Blues

“In a series of thrilling, beautiful stories, Jenny Bhatt moves through the moods, thoughts, subversions involved in the experience of interracial relationships, East-West communications, theft, justice, migration. The collection works brilliantly both as an evocative amalgam of insightful observations about race, class, gender, aspirations, as well as on the sentence level. Bhatt writes, “polish it carefully, till it glitters with the hope of a false diamond and refracts your stark life into a spectrum of luminous rays, lighting up the darkness briefly”–referring to a character’s particular memory, but could just as well be referring to the collection as a whole.”

~Chaya Bhuvaneswar, Author of White Dancing Elephants

“In Each of Us Killers, Jenny Bhatt excavates her characters with incisiveness, nuance, and complexity. The cast of vibrant characters in this wonderful collection is absolutely unique and memorable.”

~Karen E. Bender, author of The New Order

“These stories are filled with wisdom and compassion, bristling with dark occurrences and gleaming with quiet moments of joy: an enriching collection.”

~Mahesh Rao, author of Polite Society

Each of Us Killers offers up a complex portrait of our times. From caste-based violence to domestic power play, from yoga to the under-seam of real estate development, Bhatt uses a dozen devices to examine the lives of people around us, the choices that define them and, ultimately, our selves.”

~Annie Zaidi, author of Unbound, 2000 Years of Indian Women’s Writing

“Ambitious, sensitive, this collection locates some essential Indian truths, especially its hidden violence.”

~ Prayaag Akbar, author of Leila

“. . . unforgettably unique stories . . . richly-layered scenes . . . diversely-assorted characters . . . finely-nuanced language . . .” ~ Advance reader reviews


“. . . three-time Pushcart-nominated . . .”

“. . . 2017 Best of the Net Anthology Finalist . . .”

“. . .2017 Best American Short Stories Nominated . . .”


each of us killersSet in the American Midwest, England, and India (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, rural Gujarat) the stories in Each of Us Killers are about people trying to realize their dreams and aspirations through their professions. Whether they are chasing money, power, recognition, love, or simply trying to make a decent living, their hunger is as intense as any grand love affair. Straddling the fault lines of class, caste, gender, nationality, globalization, and more, they go against sociocultural norms despite challenges and indignities until singular moments of quiet devastation turn the worlds of these characters—auto-wallah, housemaid, street vendor, journalist, architect, baker, engineer, saree shop employee, professor, yoga instructor, bartender, and more—upside down.

Some of these stories have been published in respectable literary magazines (print and online) in the UK and the US — see publication details. One of these stories earned a Pushcart nomination, one was shortlisted for The Best of the Net Anthology (alongside other acclaimed short story writers like Lydia Davis, Allegra Hyde, Daisy Johnson, et al), and one was nominated for the Best American Short Stories 2017 Anthology.




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